Top 3 Technology Trends for 2015

Only year-end lists are more predictable than foretelling what the future might hold. And nothing can be more challenging than predicting the technology trends for a year ahead. While we are already 3 months into 2015, I’ll still try to place my bets on what businesses this year can or rather cannot do with out.

1. Despite all the buzz around mobility, and BYOD its going to be the year of the applications – if it wasn’t already.  Your business is all about your applications. Nurture it.

2. Most of them have been thinking about it.  Now its time to stop thinking and taking the step towards cloud. There are many more options now. Consider them well.

3. No matter what they say, security is still a BIG concern. You data, applications, business-critical applications are more at threat from malicious attacks and security breaches than ever before. Do your vulnerability and risk assessments. You where you stand.

Go Agile, Go Cloud, Go Secure.

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Content Marketing: A powerful tool Ecommerce businesses should consider

Ecommerce sites need to constantly reinvent themselves to attract and retain their customers. If you don’t, you can be simply considered just-another-player or even perish. A simple marketing hack that businesses can use is having a smart content marketing strategy.

Whether B2B or B2C here are a few effective ways to reach out and retain that elusive customer –

1. Create videos: Short creative videos under 2 minutes that convey your business message succinctly can not only go viral, may also help gain the trust of your customer. One research points out that the millennial’s find YouTube content reliable and enjoyable than TV. So now you know where to put your money.

2. Easy Talk –  Use simple language to help your customers navigate the site, easily accessible FAQs, address the broken links/timeouts/unavailable services with humorous messages (nobody can be very angry with someone who pokes fun of himself. But know where to draw the line). Yes, it’s easier said than  done but can bring in big gains.

3. Feature a blogger or a customer – Nothing like relating to another’s experience. Your customer’s would love to hear what made another choose you – guest posts, infographics, cartooning or video blogging – the avenues are many. Makes the buyer decision-making process a lot easier.

4.  Real images – This is my favorite. Avoid stock images of perfect settings and perfect-looking people. While the aspiration value might be there, I would go for something or someone who look more real.  I want to know there are real people behind the site who are probably as flawed as me and yet can be reliable and trustworthy.

Its an unpredictable world out there and the unsaid advice is to always rely on your instinct. Happy selling.

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